Wherefile indexes all your files to a cloud directory.

Who, What, When, WhereFile?

Hate losing important files? Can’t find that important presentation someone worked on 5 years ago? Can’t find the file your boss just came in and asked for? Never certain what drive you file is on? Where is that file?? Thumb Drive, Cloud?  Local Drives?  Dropbox?  Backed up? Someplace?

Wherefile knows where all your files are!

WhereFile does this:

Indexes all of your files, accessible anywhere.

When you attach any drive to your computer, WhereFile will quickly index  those files and corresponding metadata to your personal cloud database.

Because WhereFile is only an index, it uses very little space.

Provides search results instantly.

Can search through millions of files in seconds to find what you are looking for.

Cost a fraction of available DAM systems.

Is simple to use.


What Can Be Indexed?

  • Internal Storage Systems – HD & RAID
  • Removable Storage Systems – External hard drives, USB memory sticks and CD/DVD/BD
  • Network Storage Systems – NAS, NFS, Samba
  • Online Storage Systems – Dropbox, Box, Apple, Amazon, Google


WhereFile is being created by a team of experienced engineers and media creators using the latest cloud tools from Google.

WhereFile will run on modern versions of Windows, MacOSX, and Linux desktops, as well as Apple iOS and Android.


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